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My Arval : Welcome to our Digital Ecosystem

With My Arval, you enter a world of powerful data-based decision-making, delivering you the fleet insights you need, when you need them.

Analysing your KPIs vehicle-by-vehicle, country-by-country, or month-by-month has never been easier. All new Arval customers are automatically given access to the My Arval platform, with both online and mobile solutions. Our exclusive fleet management software options are designed to be both comprehensive and easy-to-use.

  • 1. Level 1: fleet management made easy

    Whether it's car leasing, van leasing, Arval's My Arval is designed to put detailed insights at your fingertips. For decision-makers and drivers alike, My Arval provides the following levels of data: 

    My Fleet Status

    Daily data on local operations, available anytime to facilitate your fleet management decisions.

    My Fleet Trends

    A strategic, monthly reporting tool for global fleet management, integrating trends and KPIs (Global Alliance fleet, expenditure, fuel usage and CSR data)

  • 2. Level 2: Driver selfcare

    My Arval's digital tools help drivers to manage problems and solutions themselves, freeing up time for your managers. Where enabled, My Arval gives drivers anytime-access to the company car lease policy, vehicle configuration and order-tracking. The My Arval mobile app is also the go-to solution for on-the-road accident reporting.

  • 3. Fleet understanding, leading to fleet action

    You need a single point of access to manage your vehicles and control costs, anywhere in the world. With full data analysis, My Arval gives you a comprehensive understanding of all the mobility solutions across your business. 

    With the My Arval digital ecosystem, you have the data for strategic decisions at your fingertips.

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